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Planetary Council: A Forum for Peace

Peace Rally, San Francisco, September 24, 2005

First priority - moving towards a posture of peace
The strategy of military domination and control may offer some nations and groups short term economic and security advantages- but it is suicidal from a long term global perspective. The move away from reliance on weapons of mass destruction and towards peaceful coexistence should start at home. The United States should take immediate steps towards reducing nuclear stockpiles both as a safety precaution and as an indication of a serious intent to participate in a global movement to disarm. Developing bunker buster nuclear weapons is a huge step in the wrong direction. Furthermore, the invasion and occupation of Iraq - sold as an attempt to enforce disarmament through the aggressive use of military force - is both hypocritical and unethical.

Planetary Council's ongoing dialogues:

Approaching global problems requires a far more realistic and honest description of the current global state of affairs than is readily available in the mainstream media. Detailed analysis is requested from everyone in your respective fields of expertise.

This website enables us to share thoughts, opinions, and analysis about current world situations and peace, and to provide a community space for discussion via our online meeting.

Creating a peaceful world is an ambitious goal, and there is some urgency for progress and new solutions. The future has not happened yet. We will be involved in creating it, either more or less consciously.