The Predictions of Miss Diana.

      2:38 pm

    What are the latest predictions for the future from Astrologer Diana Moonstone? A quick interview:

    Q: Diana, what do you see as the next major trend for the world?

    A: Oh, I see lots of things, but you know, you won’t be ready for it when it happens and you’re not even ready to hear about it now. But I can tell you this, it isn’t going to be at all like you’d expect it. Your front door is locked but the back door is wide open! See, the trouble is, you’re only worried about your own self. It’s the ones you don’t think about - that’s where the surprise element comes in. But what are you gonna do? Start worrying about others just because Miss Diana said it was the only way to save yourself? You’d still be worrying about yourself deep down, and using others just like you do now to get yourself fixed up nicely! Tell Miss Diana the truth.

    Q. Is there anything I can do to save myself Miss Diana? Honestly, that’s what I really care about..

    A. Now we’re getting somewhere, and you know I am an optimist and yes there is something you can do today to help yourself, now and in the future.

    Q. Thank you, thank you (sniffle) …

    A. take it easy! Look here now, next time you see a bum on the street, an alcoholic or a homeless beggar, it doesn’t matter, and you want to give them a quarter and get past as soon as possible, slow down a little bit, ok? Look at that dirty person. Their dirty cloths, their dirty smell. Look at that worn out expression on their face. Now if you do this up front and honest, you’re gonna start to come undone inside. After a few seconds go by, you’d rather give them a hundred dollars than to really take a good look.You think maybe you could invite them over for a shower or take them out to dinner, but you don’t really want to look any longer or give them a chance to look at you, to make a connection. Just notice that much, how terrified you feel about having a connection to that down and out person. Now you might as well buy that bum a drink, or give that homeless person a dollar this time as you leave, for you definetely got your moneys worth. And as you finally walk away, be glad the wall is going back up quick, and you’ll wonder why did you ever listen to that crazy advise from Miss Diana.

    The victory of the depraved child.

        2:36 pm

      We wander now through the remains of an abandoned ethic. The finger of judgement and blame still point outwards, while within the surf of an ocean of violence and ambiguity crashes about, washing out beliefs that used to serve as our lighthouse in the primitive darkness of human greed and isolation.

      This era is passing quickly, we will not be remembered, and none of this has lasting significance. But what will be left of us then, after our bodies and minds have disintegrated into the dust of time?

      Today though, in the sunshine of our moment of power, we ride triumphantly at the lead of the parade of victory. Flowers and confetti are thrown and smiles are everywhere. We do not take the time to examine the markings of our own footprints, for our eyes are ever looking up, marveling at the inflated floats, towering symbols of our glory.


      Past and Future

          2:46 pm

        How old are the shattered museum pieces? Could be 3500 B.C. Around 5500 years old. But the damage of this war in the other direction - the future - is far greater in one respect: the radioactive half life of the depleted uranium now spread around Iraq is 4.5 billion years. My calculations show that the damage to the future will continue for well over 800,000 times as long as the damage to the past.

        Human beings aren’t really able to deal with the implications of radioactivity. It’s just too complicated, and the concerns of the moment are just too pressing and important.

        Better to ban the bomb, and the reactor as well. And the biolab, and… and… and…


        Very aggressive

            11:27 am

          They haven’t even found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq yet and they’re already after Syria. What a mess. And remember how the Soviet Union fell apart and in the collapse containment collapsed as well, for rumour has it the suitcase nukes were sold on the black market at that time by unpaid government scientists.

          If priceless treasures from the museums and banks of Iraq could be looted in broad daylight what’s to keep someone from walking off with any weapons they might find?

          Human beings are not intelligent enough to handle the their own technology. Ban the bomb. etc.


          Pre-emptive Warning

              2:47 pm

            The rotten fruit is already falling from the trees. Threats of pre-emptive attacks between nuclear rivals such as India and Pakistan are extremely dangerous and volatile. The logic of nuclear arms races mixed with first strike threats is so fundamentally unstable and horrifying as to require serious and immediate attention. India’s leaders have begun talking of pre-emptive strikes against Pakistan. Pakistan will in all likelyhood begin to explore the same option, whether or not they choose to express it publically. When India’s leaders begin to consider the implications of their foolish rhetoric, they will begin to feel threatened themselves by the potential reaction they themselves have set in motion. In their nationalistic pride they may then become even more threatening, feeling a more urgent need to strike first - to protect themselves! Should the leadership of Pakistan join the cruel posturing the pressure to act first could increase to catastrophic levels. What can interrupt this cycle of pre-emptive escalation?

            The only real hope is that some shred of compassion remains, that the leaders of each side can identify to some extent even with the people across the border based on their common human heritage. Unfortunately, human beings are capable of believing just about anything, and that is why nuclear weapons must be condemned and outlawed. Religious fundamentalism gives people a happy story with which to justify their worst atrocities as heroic service to a higher ideal.

            Do you see now how even victory can quickly reveal itself to be a defeat? America has won another quick and easy battle. The Iraqi people are now liberated, and freely helping themselves to the broken remains of their former nation, even robbing the contents of hospitals already overcrowded with the wounded who cannot get decent care. And already the other nations such as India and North Korean are speaking of adopting this delusional concept of pre-emptive war for peace.

            The Iraqi war was horrific, but if the relatively low numbers of deaths being reported are at all accurate it was far less terrible than it could have been - little consolation to the victims but worth noting. Reported losses to the United States were very low.

            Some people will take great inspiration from this, and will believe that this doctrine is the foundation of a successful foreign policy. They may go on to use it elsewhere, perhaps in Syria or Iran, and maybe even in North Korea.

            Should the pre-emptive doctrine become the law of the land, sooner or later a grand disaster will come which could wreck far greater havoc on the world than we have ever known.

            Unnatural exhuberance

                10:26 am

              Have you heard the British military spokesman describing the “natural exhuberance” of the liberated Iraqis? To me this looting, arsen and mayhem looks surprizingly similar to the “natural exhuberance” of 1992 South Central. Now we are hearing pathetic stories of people stealing from hospitals that are already stressed beyond capacity with so many victims.

              But soon will come the time for the victory parades to begin. And everybody gets a pair of rose colored glasses.


              Hold that celebration plan

                  2:56 pm

                The war may look over, but it may never really end. The “depleted” uranium munitions released into the environment of Iraq will go on fighting far beyond all conceivable human notions of time, as their radioactive half-life is 4.5 billion years.

                In that sense perhaps the victory celebrations are a bit premature.


                A familiar number

                    9:44 am

                  The reports are saying 3000 Iraqis were killed in the Bagdad incursion. Not too long ago that many died in New York on a single day. How long do we have to wait before the parade?

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