SARs Editorial

      5:23 pm

    Featured editorial: An insightful analysis of the role of economic policy and the decline of social programs in the SARs crisis in China.


    Still fighting

        4:11 pm

      Already forgetting about Iraq? And what was that other country again.. Afgani..something or other. Doesn’t matter. War’s over, fightings over right? Forgive and forget right?

      Wrong. “Depleted” uranium munitions haven’t forgot - they’ll go on fighting and fighting - long after all of us and our petty disagreements are completely forgotten. But at least we don’t have to worry about those weapons of mass destruction that weren’t there any more.

      The facts ma’am

          3:57 pm

        Can you believe it? A pre-emptive war to destroy weapons that may have been already destroyed. And no embarrased faces or apologies either. They must be taking confidence pills. Sounds reasonable enough to the folks already on the bandwagon, since they feel like the torture chambers are enough to justify the war. But what about the Middle Eastern People who were very upset before the war. What do you tell them now?

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