Breakthrough for peace

      4:17 am

    27 Israeli pilots have broken the cycle of violence by refusing to attack people in civilian areas. This is exactly the type of action that can provide an opening for an authentic peace process. Let us see in anyone from the “other” side can make a similar peace promoting choice.


    The good neighbor

        4:59 am

      The rhetoric of the ongiong Israeli/Palistinian argument over control of land has long ago transcended mere words. Bombs, bullets, and broken bodies are part of the dialogue, like exclamation points. Of course the horrified witnesses around the world are the question marks. Why?

      There are obvious differences in the tactics and violent methods employed in this conflict. The Israeli side is well equiped with advanced technical weaponry including apache helicopters and nuclear weapons, sanctioned by the state, and supported by the world’s greatest superpower. The other “side” operates largely in secret, uses low tech weapons, is officially condemned by the Palistinian government, yet finds some support from within the Palistinian people, some of whom become suicide bombers. Despite these differences, there is one tragic and ethically vacuous equality: the willingness to kill children and other non-combatants. The ends justify the means. Unfortunately, the ends to date of this struggle looks precisely like the means, more violence.

      Perhaps as long as Israel’s right to exist finds its security in a military occupation and not in a promise of equal justice for all people - including the Palistians - we may continue to see this type of painful sub-existence for all. That of course is another oversimplification, for the fuse of revenge is already burning in so many on both sides of the fence, that even half hearted efforts to bring peace may fail as the next bomb explodes and the cycle of over-reaction continues. An eye for an eye is not a workable system of political reconciliation - it is a recipe for an endless cycle of violence.

      Who can break the cycle? Chances are that many on both sides have already given up violence. Unfortunately, the numbers of people making this choice is not discernable or newsworthy, with the possible exception of some reports in the alternative media of draft resistance in Israel.

      A stronger statement for peace could be made by a mixed group of both Israelis and Palistinians who publically renounce violence and promise friendship - “we pledge to overcome our differences through dialogue and face the future together". Images like this could help to break the good “us” versus the wicked “them” psycology.

      The tragedy of military struggle is that in the end, a pathetic sort of moral equivalence emerges. On the delusional bright side, could this commonality become the basis for a newfound mutual understanding and recognition:

      “We are not so different after all, for we all have the blood of the innocent on our hands”


      reflections of false truth

          8:45 am

        endangered species
        selfish victims
        for the bottom
        of a bottomless pit

        I belong
        to a painful memory
        I belong
        to this false truth

        this is I and that is you
        we are different

        if you should strike
        a chance I cannot take

        the enemy
        across the glass
        mouthing these words

        how ugly you are
        people like you
        who threaten me

        should the gun
        already too late
        shattered pieces
        broken earth

        you never really existed
        whoever you might have been
        with your false truth
        in each shiny reflection
        faces of relatives crying
        crying for revenge

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