Unfriendly skies

      10:41 pm

    Watching the news the other day the message scrolled by on the bottom of the screen that radioactive waste from Iraq had been airlifted out of the country to protect it from becoming a possible target. In a country where surface to air missile attacks are possible, couldn’t this type of operation invite disaster? What a mess.


    This has been said before

        6:28 pm

      Whether you hear about it or not, the development of ever more technically advanced weapons systems continues. Humanity is not wise enough to manage these various destructive technologies. Just as a parent would never allow their child to play with a loaded gun, we should not allow ourselves to employ these dangerous military systems. Although of course we all hope for the best, our collective actions indicate an irresponsible disregard for the survival of humanity. Perhaps it is beyond many of us to conceptualize the many possible negative outcomes. The sun is shining today, the price of gas has gone down, and the future is looking very good indeed.

      Well this discussion is simple but it is good to start with the simple. The difficult question is how to change the situation, how to improve the future.

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