The real flip flop

      9:42 pm

    So the great republican convention has begun, and a major theme/attack against the democrats is that John Kerry flip flops. Same day we hear the news that Bush is now saying perhaps the war on terror can never be won, after saying so many times how the United States would inevitably win for a variety of self-congratulatory reasons.

    And of course there are those who remember how so many years ago the Reagan administration supported the ‘freedom fighters’ in Afganistan, many of whom later became the Taliban, the enemy in the Afgan war. Similarly of course, Saddam Husain was once a strategic friend of the United States who even received biological agents from the United States, and who is now used as the justification for a 200 billion dollar clean up operation. So this flip flopping business falls on both sides of the isle, along with both parties chasing votes with sentimental shenanigans.

    Catastrophic success? Give me a break.


    Throw the bums out

        10:10 pm

      Around election time, everyone becomes lofty minded and feels like their opinions are very important. Suddenly everyone has a conscience they must vote by. It reminds me of the stereotype of people who go to church on Sunday and are selfish the rest of the week. The point being that the time to vote your conscience isn’t just on election day. The clocks ticking down, and a re-election of the chimp would be a disastrous message to send to the rest of the world saying yes America stands by pre-emptive wars even after it was shown baseless, that America is willing to tolerate humiliating human rights abuses in the name of the war on terror. Four more years of borrow and spend conservatives with unchecked power may shift the American dream into a global nightmare. Some people think it doesn’t make any difference, Democrat Republican - it’s all just the same. But I say better is better and worse is worse, and Kerry is better and Bush is worse, and furthermore, Edwards is much better than Cheney.

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