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    Warning: HR 163


    cheap shot

        10:11 pm

      Here’s a bumber sticker cheap shot:


      4 more beers!

      A cheap shot since the real issue with Bush isn’t his past alcoholism or lackluster military service, but his dangerous way of reducing complex situations into fundamentalist oversimplifications, like the ‘axis of evil’ and his decision to send perfectly decent young men and women to risk their own lives and to bomb and kill others who may in fact be innocent civilians caught in the crossfire - and if we are to believe the good word in a fundamentalist sense we should of course be concerned with the possibility of eternal damnation… ‘thou shall not ki…?? surely that doesn’t apply to wartime??’ - a high price to pay for a ‘whoops - no weapons there after all but still probably a good idea despite the biggest public prewar outcry in human history’ kind of pre-emptive war.

      Despite the asperations of some higher ups for never ending global supremacy, there is ultimately no way to contain the destructive WMD technologies that are already far too available. Without building bridges of goodwill and mutual respect amoung all the peoples of the world, these never-ending wars on terror aren’t going to secure peace through intimidation and domination - in fact these wars will prove to be self perpetuating, for the heavy handed and terrifying anti-terror tactics quickly anger the people who face them, and some will become future terrorists in the process, and their brutal attacks will then justify the continuation of an ongoing war on terror and the concomitant endless military economic drain. It is easy to believe one’s own countrymen to be good and the others to be part of that ‘axis of evil’. But it is a serious oversimplification and it leads to dangerous results.

      Having said that, I think of course we should all congratulate George W. Bush on his recovery from alcoholism. But beyond that personal congratulations, I don’t think it is unfair to bar him from presidential service on that count alone. The United States has over 10,000 nuclear weapons and is the leading military power in the world. There is no human being on earth worthy of weilding this kind of responsibility, let alone someone with a history of substance abuse problems. This is not a question of liking or disliking him as an individual, but of having some discrimination and common sense. The consequences of bad judgement at the presidential level is unimaginable. The safer solution thogh is to ban these weapons globally by treaty, and to move towards this goal in a creative fashion by unilaterally initiating dramatic stockpile reductions to demonstrate good faith and leadership.

      In the meantime, it appears the better choice for president is John Kerry.


      Beslan tragedy

          11:19 am

        The news of the tragedy in Beslan is breaking like a shock wave, upsetting people all over the world. This most extreme example of child abuse is horrific and cruel beyond measure, a continuation of the strategy of completely disregarding the well being of ordinary people for the sake of a ‘more important’ cause, whether it be a struggle for national indepence, a fight to reclaim stolen lands, a religious cause or a political this ‘ism’ or that ‘ism’.

        Unfortunately the willingness to abuse innocents as part of a political struggle is the rule and not the exception. One extreme example, the historical bombing of Hiroshima, is still widely believed by many otherwise upstanding and kind people to have been the correct and necessary decision, yet far more innocent children were killed in that attack.

        All the nuclear powers have standing plans to use their weapons against innocent civilians in retaliation for a potential attack, as a deterent. This policy may make for a good preventative bluff, until a time comes when the bluff is called and the retaliation may be carried out. In that disastrous situation, the policy of retaliation becomes the justification for more killing of innocent civilians.

        The accepted logic of war needs to be re-evaluated.


        smoke em out

            9:37 pm

          Very well produced. And misleading. Isn’t that what the pubs do best? Mislead?

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