Countdown to start counting

      9:51 pm

    Even though we are in the midst of so many unknowns, it is important to make a strong effort to defeat Bush and elect Kerry in the Presidential election both for the security of America and the well being of the world.

    1) Bush represents both the torture and abuse of prisoners of war and an unjustifiable policy of pre-emptive war. The election of Bush in 2004 would imply that the American public is willing to accept those mistaken policies. This would add to the anti-American sentiments around the world. The election of Kerry would at least hold out the possibility that Americans are making an effort to reject Bush’s mistaken policies.

    2) Bush’s administration hinted at the possible first use of nuclear weapons early in the Iraq war - as a threatened retaliation for possible use of biological or chemical weapons by Saddam’s military, but first nuclear use nevertheless. These types of threats are dangerous and destabilizing. It is important that the first use of nuclear weapons be rejected by all sides. As the dominant military power, the United States sets the tone for all other nuclear powers. The current exploration by the United States into the possiblity of using ‘bunker busting’ nuclear weapons is short sighted and dangerous.


    Flip floppers unite to swing the election!

        8:34 pm

      A strange twist on some outstanding spin. The predominant conservative attack on Kerry as a flip flop rings false as far as I’m concerned. Kerry has answered those charges pretty well in the debates and has also effectively counter-attacked Bush on the same issue.

      But what about this: The last days of the election are about swaying the ‘undecided’ voters. To me, ‘undecided’ seems a lot like ‘flip flop’ - people who can’t make up their minds. Maybe the undecided voters will start to feel an affinity with the man described as a flip flopper and this will swing the election.

      … another fine example of wishful thinking.


      Rocking Election Debate Song

          7:16 am

        Take this Message to the President

        New topical and timely election song by the Earthlings of Berkeley. This upbeat uptempo rock extravaganza features the debating voices of John Kerry, the contender, and George Bush. Excellent professional multitrack audio production, critical of Iraq war. Mixed down days ago. Know anyone in radio broadcasting? Help us get this out to stations before the election.

        Listen and or download here


        Election Song: Get out the vote!

            7:15 pm

          Once again, Planetary Council has a song for the election.

          Get out the vote is a simple country style tune design to inspire everyone to vote. There are two versions, one for everybody, and the other for everybody else. If you know anyone in the radio business pass this news on.


          Borrow and Spend Conservatives

              8:38 pm

            the total national debt: $7.379 trillion

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