Happy New Year!

  8:39 am

Happy New Year everyone! The clock has ticked again, so we can image this to be a new beginning, and another chance to set things straight with one another.

Peace is a choice. When a world is filled with resentments over historic injustices and fears or more of the same, the stress and tension lowers the quality of life for everyone.

This year, my wish is for global redistribution of wealth, disarmament, and a democratically chosen plan for a new world economic system. Why don’t we choose consciously how to produce and distribute wealth, rather than letting the no longer magic of the marketplace decide who will feast and who will starve, who will receive a hair transplant or face lift and who won’t get a malaria tablet.

A better world is possible. Best wishes to friend and foe alike, let’s start thinking about the process of sharing and reconciliation.

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