Overtime and no clear winner

  7:34 pm

Humans have the capacity to believe just about anything. Perhaps it is both a great blessing, for it enables tremendous creativity, diversity, and conviction, and on the other hand a terrible curse, as our obviously contradictory beliefs and ideas lead to horrific territorial violence.

The staw breaking the camel’s back these last days are some rather unimpressive attempts at political cartooning. The fact that so many Muslims are rallying around this symbolic slap in the face is largely because there has been a series of very real insults over these last years as the western world continues to (over) react to Sept 11., including pre-emptive invasion and occupation, torture and humilation.

Racism, culteralism, and nationalism are convient yet dangerous oversimplifications which people easily adopt in their incessant attempt to resolve an unresolvably complex global pecking order. These groupings are a futile attempt to find security at the expense of the well being of others.

Each group feels it’s own insult is supreme. The West lost the twin towers to an attack from so called ‘Islamic’ extremists and so insulting Islam may seem fair game to some. And then in reaction to cartoons insulting Islam, the Danish flag, a Christian symbol of a cross in an officially Christian nation, is burned by none other than religious people defending their beliefs, so you might say that we have a bit of a blasphemy battle going on.

Who do you suppose is going to win?

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