SF demonstration for peace

  3:16 pm

SF demo
march 18, 2006
10,000 demonstrate in San Fransisco to commemorate 3 years of the Iraq war.

3 years later

  6:40 am

You start by saying “I’m sorry, I made a mistake”


into the sea of humanity

  7:16 am

everyday now
a report of murder
a random bomb
another outrage by an outraged nobody
without a name

and everyday
military murders unspoken
the killers name is
the victims name is
the body count is

no victims
no killers
no act of killing
no fact of killing
numb and normal

we all live underwater
where every act
cruel or kind
floats off into the collective sea
colors the water
shades the mind

the floating dead feel nothing
absolute numbness of flesh

but for the living in this ocean of death
our constant drink
decomposing waste
of wasted creation
our war for peace

can you remember the beautiful ocean?

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