All options for global suicide on the table

  6:12 am

When asked in the press conference to rule out a nuclear strike on Iran, Bush dodged a direct answer to the question, refusing to rule out any options, probably hoping to further pressure Iran to give up any nuclear ambitions and cooperate.

The only possible value in nuclear weapons in as a threat, since their horrific use is by any sane standard absurd. However, as the boy who cried Wolfowitz in Iraq knows, sooner or later a threat loses its impact if it is not used, and herein lies the real danger of this type of sloppy communication.

These cute vague references to a nuclear first strike are essentially weakening the prohibition of their use.

Again, another tragic mistake by the failing administation. Could the threat help in the short run? Maybe. But in the long run, it is suicidal.

And this isn’t the first time these vague threats of nuclear attack were imployed. Before the Iraq war, there were indirect threats to respond to the imagined chemical or biological threat with a nuclear attack.

The democracy supposedly based on checks and balances is constantly bouncing checks.

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