Goodbye cruel world

  7:48 pm

Sorry folks,

the mad rush to self-destruction is in full swing.

According to Wikipedia, the sixth commandment is as follows:

“Thou shalt not murder”
Killing an innocent human being is a capital sin.

What is the point in having a democracy when counting the votes is abandoned because it is inconvenient and time consuming?
What is the point in having a religous state if the violence of state policy sharply contradicts the foundations of the religion itself?

The fact is that greed and power have eroded all this away.

Perhaps the dangerous bait of civilian lives dangling in the balance is being used here to try to draw Syria or Iran into all this, as an excuse for a much broader war is sought. Then all the ugliness that we have been saving up for so many years could be revealed. What might appear to be an excercise in power by these military madmen is in fact an expression of supreme powerlessness - the inability to avoid becoming indistinguishable from one’s own worst enemy.

Peace begins with respect for the lives of others. On all sides. For example, even in the midst of this sickening horror, one could try to find something commendable even in one’s enemies: “those awful killers love their own people so much that they are willing to throw away their own sense of what is morally right or wrong to do what they imagine will protect them. Of course it is a dillusional state, but look at the courage and dedication to their friends". Is this ridiculous? Probably. I’m trying to find the bright side here, but really I fear that very little has been learned over the years. Where is the sense of principle that could prevent a world war? Is fear and the desire for self preservation the only ally of peace? I’m afraid that will not be enough.

Nationalism is based on a false identification, which of course needs defending precisely because it is false. Without tension it would dissolve. This false identity and resulting polarization is threatening the survival of our world. Sounds like an overly dramatic comic book story, but isn’t it true?

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