All’s well that ends well

  6:51 pm

Well, Bush has successfully destroyed his repugnant party, as well as the military ’strength’ and readiness of the United States, the economy, and on and on. At least that is the illusion of the moment. Of course the elephant party will rebuild and return, just as so many old Nixon era cronies returned to poison boy Bush’s reign. There has been far too much accumulation of wealth and power over these record breaking exxon profit years to assume that a simple election can sweep that machinery under the rug. As for the bewildered boy wonder, you can pity him or not, but really the pity should be for his victims, which to some extent includes us all and of course the helpless unborn he would so dearly have liked to have protected.

Anyway, let’s see if the Obama hope balloon can fly. For now, perhaps I’ll relax and enjoy some potentially delusional positive thinking that change really might be possible despite some rather obvious policy contradictions and enormous economic handicaps which the dems now inherit. Perhaps a much needed spine could be found on that inheritance list. Anyway, now is the time to celebrate and set aside the cynicism. We can always deal with reality later.

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