World Social Forum 2009

  6:27 am

“From January 27th to February 1st 2009, the city of Belem will host the World Social Forum. During six days, the city assumes the position of being the center of planetary citizenship and a global reference for those who don’t agree with inequality, injustice, intolerance, environment destruction and prejudice.”

Sounds a lot like a giant planetary council meeting! Should be interesting.


Nuclear power and the economic collapse

  9:36 am

One critical consideration in the debate as to whether nuclear power can be safely considered as a climate friendly alternative to fossil fuels is whether or not our civilization will remain intact long enough to manage the radioactive waste and other threats.

Recently, a sudden downturn of the economy was so severe that even ‘free-market’ ‘thinkers’ joined the call for unprecedented massive bailouts to prevent global collapse. Obama will be calling for further bailouts, and really there is no guarantee that these measures will stabilize the situation.

If the economic system implodes and society begins to unravel, who will manage the radioactive threat these power plants pose? This type of question reveals the arrogance of nuclear proponents, who believe that our young and extremely experimental civilization is dependable in the long run. Even a relatively short lived failure of our ability to maintain solvency could result is severe environmental disasters.

For this and the usual laundry list of reasons, nuclear power remains a very dangerous idea, despite global warming. Public education and regulation towards energy conservation should be strongly encouraged by policy makers.


War is Terrorism

  7:49 pm

Warning trapped civilians that the war against them is going to be escalated is by definition terrorism. This is basically what the Israeli military has just done, dropping leaflets into Gaza warning of an escalation - “brace yourselves - stay away from Hamas and do what we say". The goal is to break their tie to Hamas, their elected representation. Using violence against civilians to terrify them into behaving this way or that way is very close to the clinical definition of terrorism.

Humans are so prone to group identification and tell all sorts of stories to justify their group’s need for violence against the other. They are terrorists, but our state sponsored violence is ice cream.

Let’s make it simple. Stop killing people.

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