Safe, Safer, Not Entirely Safe

  7:59 am

From AP: “I think it’s clear that we are safe — safer — but not really yet safe,” Rice said.

Perhaps the internal coordination of counter-terrorism intelligence has been improved, and we should take their word for it, for FEMA’s prompt and well coordinated response to Hurricane Katrina demonstrated the extent of this type of progress.

However, the perceived (and real) collapse of U.S. military ethics has dramatically undermined the security of US citizens at home and abroad. Remember, U.S. soldiers are implicated in rape, murder, humiliation, and torture. Furthermore, the U.S. government supported Israels bombardment and invasion of Lebanon, and thus is seen as sharing responsibilty for the resulting death of hundreds of civilians. This support include providing cluster munitions and vetoing UN motions to call for an immediate cease-fire.

The ability of the United States to detect and counter the efforts of terrorist cells may well have improved, but unfortunately, the aggressive military campaigns have made new enemies, as the popular bumper sticker proclaims, “faster than we can kill them".


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