You Don’t Win A Mistake

  6:51 am

So the Repugnants are rhetorically accusing the Dems of not having a “plan for victory".

They pointedlessly ask in TV panel discussions “Do you want the United States to win?”

What the $&^! do they think this is - Monday Night Football?

This $*&%^$&# war is a mistake of unprecidented proportions. There is no winning a mistake. Best hope is to ‘fix it’ somehow. Do whatever can be done to protect the civilians living there. The mentality of ‘winning’ reflects the delusional cruelty of the warmakers. We don’t have good stats, but it looks like at least 100,000 dead, a country in civil war, millions of Iraqi civilians caught in an ongoing crossfire.

Problem is, to fix it, you need some legitimacy, which the U.S. occupying army, despite the best efforts of many trusting soldiers, sorely lacks.
Why? Several serious incidents eroded any hope of trust amoung the Iraqi people, including the rape and murder of a 14 year old girl by a group of U.S. soldiers, the Abu Ghraib torture and abuse, the endless harassment and violence at checkpoints, the ongoing miscalculations and accidents where civilians are shot, bombed, etc.

The United States doesn’t have the necessary legitimacy to fix this mess. The Iraq war, an experiment in the doctrine of pre-emptive war, is a tragic mistake, and the United States lacks the ability or wisdom to fix it. Everyday the war continues, more mistakes are made, and more Iraqi civilians are hurt. The troops are under severe stress, with a large percentage suffering from psychological effects of war. So let’s abandon the talk about winning a mistake and own up to what an awful mess has been created.

And as doctor Phil says, you can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge.


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