More of the McSame?

  6:46 pm

No, a Presidential McPain would be different, and in the event his temper flares, potentially much worse. We’ve had it very bad, the empire is flailing at the moment, but they didn’t use the bunker busters against Iran. In other words there are worse states of hell for those foolish enough to pursue them.

And in the event McCain’t is incapacitated by disease, he leaves ‘ready, willing, and able’ Pain to replace him, to shatter the glass ceiling once and for all. She is a frightening pit bull with lipstick in part due to her “God’s Plan” fundamentalism, which always seems to leave out the ‘thou shalt not kill’ part and embrace nationalistic militarism. An ideology of ‘end times’ and the suitcase shouldn’t be in the same room. Well neither should a torture survivor with an anger management problem.


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